I feel like joggers are the unassuming cousin of jeans. They come across all casual and utilitarian, but with a little creativity, they can be elevated into so many different outfit looks!

The inspiration for the Nellie Joggers + Shorts pattern sprung from a fave pair of RTW joggers that I bought ages ago and wore until the were threadbare (the true mark of a well-loved garment). Those pants were my BFF on days when I needed a little stretch in my life, but still wanted to feel put-together. They could be worn with sneakers OR strappy sandals. I could pair them with floaty tops OR athletic tanks and a hoodie. 

So yeah, the decision was obvious when it came to designing the first pants pattern in the Pattern Scout collection!

I hang out on Pinterest A LOT. Like, everyday, a lot. So once I got into the rabbithole of pants inspiration, I realized how many amazing combinations can be made with a pair of joggers, beyond my previous styling wheelhouse. Below are a few of my favorite themes (and there's even a category for men's fashion, inspired by a couple of testers who mentioned they might make their partners a pair)!

You can see all of these inspiration images, and more, on the Nellie Joggers + Shorts Inspiration board on Pinterest.

You can buy the Nellie pattern here.


Casual and laid back

A little dressed up

Sporty vibes

Interesting details and fabrics

Men's fashion

October 08, 2020 — Casey Sibley