My name is Casey Sibley and Pattern Scout is an indie sewing pattern company specializing in women's apparel. Created for modern makers and handmade wardrobe enthusiasts, PS patterns focus on educating and inspiring sewists to create a custom-made wardrobe they love.

In 2018, I started sewing my own clothing as a hobby, became absolutely obsessed, and fell in love with the sewing community online.

In 2019, I launched my very first bag sewing pattern, The Luna Crossbody! And it wasn’t long after that when I started designing women’s clothing patterns. I love sewing so much, and the sense of empowerment that comes from making my own clothes. Being a sewing pattern designer allows me to share that love with sewists all over the globe.

This whole journey started way back in 2011, though. I was working as an intern architect (my first career) in Mississippi, and longing for creative work that I felt more connected to. After a move across the country to Reno, NV, for my husband’s Ph.D. program, I had a short period of unemployment while I searched for a new job. It was the first time since I started college that I had a chance to really explore the idea of starting something new, and I launched my first creative business designing fabrics and selling handmade products. That evolved into a busy wholesale business over time (about 8 years, but who’s counting!). I worked in architecture for several of those years (even became a licensed architect!) while I grew my business on the side, eventually leaving architecture to focus on my side hustle full time. It was great, and so empowering! But burn-out from sewing products in wholesale production mode was starting to wear on my body and my enjoyment. And I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with creating product waste. Believe it or not, I thought I hated sewing! So, even though I had pondered making my own clothing many times, I put it off for far too long, fearing that I’d not enjoy it.

I was so wrong. After another move across the country to Lansing, MI, I had yet another chance to reflect and slow down a bit while we resettled in our new home. On a whim, I decided to sew myself a Kelly Anorak. It turned out SO nice—I still wear it all the time. I was immediately ready for my next project.

The rest is history! And I haven’t looked back since.