I generally keep my jewelry pretty simple and pick things that go with multiple outfits in my wardrobe. One way that I like to add a little extra personality to my OOTD is by adding a punch of color in my accessories, and these earrings are the perfect way to do just that!

I made a pair last summer with just a single red tassel and I seriously wear them all the time. This year, I wanted to take it up a notch and have multiple stacked tassels in various hues for a sort of tropical feel (I love tropical color palettes).

This was a simple, inexpensive, and quick DIY. Here’s how I made them!



Start by cutting a length of string that is about 12”-15” long and thread it through your sewing needle (the bead weaving string was tough to cut with scissors, so I used a really sharp X-acto knife on my cutting mat to get a clean cut). Double the string and knot the ends together.


Spread the fringe of the tassel apart to find the center of the tassel head on the underside. Thread the needle directly through the center and out through the top of the tassel. You may need to use a thimble to push the needle through (I just pushed it through on the edge of a table).


Wrap the string/thread around the top loop of the tassel a few times to keep the string from slipping out and pull it firmly to secure.


Next, repeat the above steps to add the next tassel on top of the first one, nestling the head of each tassel in your stack into the fringe of the tassel above it. You’ll also want to wrap the string a few times around the top loop of each tassel to secure each layer before adding the next one.


Once you have your desired number of tassels stacked, trim the string with enough length to tie a couple of tight knots close to the tassel head. Trim the string once more close to the tassel head and tuck the string ends into the tassel head (the pointy end of my thread snips were great for this).


Use your pliers (you may need two pair of pliers for this) to gently pry apart the jump ring ends to open it. You want to twist it open instead of pulling the ends apart. Holding onto the jump ring with the pliers, thread the end of the jump ring through the top loop of the tassel. Next, slip the earring hook onto the jump ring and use your pliers again to gently twist the jump ring back together while also applying a little pressure to press the ends together as much as possible without damaging the jump ring or earring hook.


VOILA! Enjoy your new spring accessory! Dress them up or down and wow all your friends with your DIY super powers!

September 21, 2020 — Casey Sibley