The Luna Crossbody has two options outlined in the pattern instructions: Version A has an adjustable strap with metal rings and a slider, and Version B has a non-adjustable strap. For both versions, the strap is attached to the Outer Pocket with rivets.


The Luna is designed with a 5/8” wide strap. I really like the skinny strap proportions with the bag shape and size. But if you want to go larger with your strap width, or if you are having trouble finding 5/8” hardware (something a few pattern testers faced, especially outside the U.S.) then you can definitely size up (or down)! You’ll just have to adjust your strap width accordingly: Multiply your desired strap width by 4 (so 1/2” finished strap multiplied by 4 is a 2” wide piece of fabric).


Here is what you’ll need for VERSION A with an adjustable strap:

Here is what you’ll need for VERSION B with a non-adjustable strap:

You’ll also need a rivet setter and base, something like this.

Where to buy hardware:

Sourcing hardware seemed to be a bit of a challenge when we were in the testing phase. There are several great suppliers in the U.S. with very reasonable prices and quick shipping, but often you have to buy hardware in bulk (especially rivets) and if you are only making one or two bags, this can be a bit excessive! This is the main reason I created the hardware kits (plus, it saves you the trouble of scouring the web and buying from multiple suppliers).

If you live outside the U.S., these inexpensive supplies become an astronomical expense when you factor in shipping. So, with the help of testers, I’ve put together a list of suppliers, both in the U.S. and abroad, to hopefully help you find suppliers that work for you. Note: I’m listing which country they are located in, but many ship worldwide, too, although I haven’t verified their international shipping policies or prices.

ZipIt Zippers (U.S.) - zippers

ZipUpZipper (U.S.) - zippers and hardware

ZipperStop (U.S.) - zippers, notions, sewing supplies

Purse Supplies R Us (U.S.) - magnetic closures and hardware

Bag Maker Supply (U.S.) - hardware (U.S.)- rivets and hardware (and setters!)

Tandy Leather (U.S.) - rivets and hardware (and setters!)…they also are a franchise with multiple brick and mortar locations nationwide.

Emmaline Bags (Canada) - zippers and hardware

SoStShopfuerKreative (Germany) - hardware

CreativeLifeEurope (Germany) - hardware

BeautyOption (China) - hardware

Miss Maude Sewing (New Zealand) - zippers, magnetic closures, snaps, rivets, and hardware

Do you have a favorite hardware supplier in your region? Contact me and let me know! I’ll add it to the list to help others find what they need.

Tune in next week for the first post in construction of the Luna Crossbody: Preparing your pieces!

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September 22, 2020 — Casey Sibley