This post is gonna be quick and easy! I’ll show you how to finish the sleeve hems for both versions of the Lulu Cardigan.

If you are sewing Version B, all you have to do is turn the sleeve edge under by 5/8” and topstitch in place (so easy!). I also serged the edge before turning on this example. And you are done!

For Version A, you’l be attaching Sleeve Cuffs.

Similar to the Hem Band, fold the Sleeve Cuffs in half lengthwise and press the fold. Now, unfold the cuffs and fold in the opposite direction, perpendicular to the fold you just pressed. Align the ends and pin in place.

Sew or serge the edge and clip the center of the seam allowance (be careful not to clip the seam). Press the seam in opposite directions on either side of where you clipped (this will allow the cuff to lay flat at the seam when you turn it).

Turn the cuff right side out and fold in half to create a cylinder with the seams concealed in the fold. Press, making sure the seams are neatly folded inside the cuff fold.

With the cardigan sleeve right side out, slip the cuff over the end of the sleeve to align the raw edges. Line up the sleeve seam with the cuff seam and pin in place, evenly distributing the cuff around the sleeve. The cuff is slightly smaller than the sleeve and you’ll have to stretch and smooth it as you go.

Sew or serge the cuff to the sleeve. Press the seam allowance toward the sleeve and topstitch in place to finish. And that’s it!

This concludes the Lulu Cardigan Sewalong! See the whole series here and check other sewalongs and helpful tutorials for other patterns here!

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September 22, 2020 — Casey Sibley